World Bank jobs are desirable but hard to get

World Bank jobs

The World Bank is an influential international organization whose activities are related to the financial and technical development of states. The official WorldBank office is based in Washington, DC. It has more than 100 official representations in all corners of the Earth. The World Bank interacts with governments of about 200 countries. In order to

UN jobs in Ethiopia: how to apply

UN jobs in Ethiopia

The UN is addressing a number of pressing global issues, one of which is the protection of refugee rights. For this, whole management was opened in the UN organization in 1951. Over its history, it has actually helped more than 50 million people from about 120 countries. 6500 staff work at UN jobs in Ethiopia

Human Rights Watch jobs: stages of the competition for employment

Human Rights Watch jobs

Human Rights Watch embodies the frantic desire of society to achieve universal canons and ideas of human dignity. This UN Office is responsible for protecting and promoting human rights in every corner of the planet. The priorities of the program include strengthening equality, developing international legal mechanisms, decreasing discrimination and impunity, monitoring accountability, integrating human

Basic Info on the United Nations Careers

United Nations Careers

In this short article, we are going to briefly discuss the topic of United Nations careers. Please, pay attention that this article does not include all the necessary information on this matter. So, you should study this topic further in detail. Some General Points about this Organization This is an international organization that works on

Basic Info on How to Apply for UNESCO Jobs


In this article, we are going to briefly discuss the topic of UNESCO jobs. Please, note that this short article does not include all the necessary information on this matter. Here below there are only some basic aspects regarding this topic. So, you should visit the official website of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and

UNDP vacancies: a dream job or not exactly

UNDP vacancies

All UNDP workers must abide by the UN Charter. Thus, they have the authority to consider the principles of cooperation between states in terms of maintaining peace and security and to give appropriate recommendations. Most often, this concerns disarmament issues and military conflicts in specific regions. The tasks of the staff include discussing any issues

UN salary scale: can you get more?

UN salary scale

The official UN salary scale is established by the General Assembly and includes five categories – from P-1 to P-5. For senior management (except for the general secretary and deputies) there are two such levels – D-1 (from 43.8 thousand to 57.6 thousand dollars a year, excluding benefits) and D-2 (from 142 thousand to 157